Whether you are in pursuit of fitness, wellness or preventative care, our team is here to provide expert care to support you in meeting your fitness and wellness goals through our individualized plans created for you in our unique studio setting. We believe that by integrating guided Pilates practice or Barre techniques into your custom plan, you can enhance your exercise and create new patterns to make your fitness routine even more effective. Our focus is on strength and form, and we are here to show and guide you how these other wellness techniques can bolster and improve your physical therapy plan.

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paige mcclees, founder

"There is no bad exercise, just exercise done badly."

Dr. Paige McClees is a licensed, board-certified physical therapist and expert Pilates, Lagree Fitness, Spin and Barre instructor who believes in affordable and effective physical therapy. She is dedicated to helping each client reach their fitness and wellness goals through a personalized, holistic approach to physical therapy, PM Method.

After graduating from Auburn University, Paige attended Massachusetts General Institute of Health Professionals, a top-10 physical therapy graduate program, where she earned her doctorate in physical therapy. Paige learned alongside industry leaders on emerging treatments for sports-related injuries, including a specialization in sports concussion rehabilitation. She worked closely with several professional sports teams and earned repeated praise for her attention to patient care and performance.

Since returning to Alabama, Paige has worked with state-ranked physical therapy practices and cultivated client relationships. Paige is a passionate fitness advocate and guides her clients through therapy with a unique focus on holistic body care.

Inspired by her desire to merge fitness with physical therapy in each session, Paige founded PM Method to create the perfect blend of physical care and wellness. Through PM Method, Dr. McClees is excited to share her mission and remind each client that there is no bad exercise, just exercise done badly.

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paige mcclees

meet dr. paige mcclees

We are leading the charge in quality care, individualized Physical therapy and fitness. 

Dr. Matt McClees has joined PM Method alongside his Wife and Owner Paige. Matt is a licensed, Board Certified Physical Therapist born and raised in Reston Virginia. Matt attended Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in their Doctor of Physical Therapy program. He brings along years of experience working with athletes and individuals of all ages and is focused on providing quality care with patient centered goals. 
Matt completed his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from West Virginia University where he expanded his knowledge on Olympic lifting techniques, exercise prescription and human physiology. He was also able to complete his Aquatic Therapy certification in addition to his degree. 
Matt Currently keeps active and healthy as a member in the CrossFit community. His goals are to continue to focus on functional mobility and fitness to improve longevity in his patients and to provide them with care that emphasizes their well-being now and in the future.

meet dr.
matt mcclees

meet dr. matt mcclees

Dr. Christian Cox is a licensed, board-certified physical therapist and skilled pilates instructor. Christian has a passion and conviction to serve her clients and the greater community by aiding them in reaching their personal goals through movement and wellness principles. She believes in holistic, individualized and one-on-one care that allows for effective outcomes.

Christian is from Jacksonville, Florida and moved to Birmingham to attend Samford University. She pursued her education in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Following her undergraduate
studies, she earned her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Samford University. Christian was honored as the keynote speaker at the College of Heath Science graduation and has returned as an alumna speaker.

Christian has both the knowledge and experience that makes her a dedicated partner in your health and wellness journey. As an athlete, participating in lacrosse, basketball, and running, she enjoys working with a wide variety of patient populations from youth to elderly. She has pursued her pelvic floor certification allowing her to specialize in women’s health. Additionally,
she has an extensive background in orthopedics and manual therapy treatment.

Christian stays active through running, group fitness, and spending time with her family. She is a committed partner in your rehabilitation and wellness, empowering you to reach your maximum potential.

christian cox, pt dpt

meet Christian Cox PT, DPT

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Our studio is conveniently located in English Village where we are able to provide you a space that has the functionality and staff expertise of a traditional clinical setting with the comfort and accessibility of a boutique studio.