Whether you are interested in trying Pilates for the first time, want to explore a new fitness plan or spend dedicated time perfecting your form, you can find what you are looking for at PM Method. Dr. McClees is a Pilates, Lagree, and Barre-certified instructor who prioritizes client strength and form. A guided Pilates practice can enhance your exercise and create new patterns to make your fitness routine even more effective. Try a session with PM Method or bring a friend to enjoy challenges in your Pilates practice together. 



1 private session $75/session
1 duet session $100/session

Sessions are 60 minutes.


Dr. McClees also utilizes other wellness techniques and tools to complement client treatment plans. Each approach is planned with client wellness in mind. 



Normatec Boots are an innovative tool that speeds recovery and reduces the impact of prolonged exercise on your body. Dr. McClees uses Normatec Recovery Boots for lower body care after intense exercise to reduce soreness, inflammation, water retention and to increase blood flow and circulation. Used alongside the trained hands of a physical therapist, Normatec Boots are known to improve performance and give clients a quicker recovery. 

45 min session pricing
1 for $50

Dry needling is an intervention method that uses a thin, filiform needle to stimulate muscular and connective tissue trigger points to help manage pain and improve movement. Dry needling helps to improve damaged muscular structures, reduce pain and correct physical injury. This physical therapy practice gives clients an opportunity to target specific problem areas with the guidance of a trained physical therapist.

30 min session pricing

Athletic conditioning is perfect balance of strength training, power, mobility, and stability work catered to your specific athletic goals. Sport specific integration is used to improve performance and prevent injury in order to stay at the top of your game. 


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the studio

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Our studio is conveniently located in English Village where we are able to provide you a space that has the functionality and staff expertise of a traditional clinical setting with the comfort and accessibility of a boutique studio. 

paige mcclees, founder

"PM Method studio gives me the opportunity to offer clients a place to have all the resources of a physical therapy clinic while emphasizing fitness integration important for an active lifestyle."